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Marc Grimm has had three phone conversations with Calaveras County officials of the Health and Human Services Department and the Office of the County Public Health Officer concerning the allowable uses for our park and the question of completing our annual site cleanups to obtain a certificate of occupancy from the Fire District.  Below are the pertinent points made by the County:


1.    CTTA is considered by the County to be 1) A business, and 2) A campground.  It is not a set of individual parcels owned by persons who are residents of the County.  Members are considered “campers”.


2.    The County is informing the Board that the CTTA Park is closed and that the Board will be held responsible for taking all necessary actions needed to ensure that the park remains closed and is not occupied by its members.  Fines and sanctions for violations of the County directive will be directed to the members of the Board who will be held accountable for such.


3.    Under the terms of the mandatory closure, no members are allowed to stay at the park and they will not be allowed to temporarily occupy the park for the purpose of cleaning sites.  Private property may be retrieved from the part to secure it and reasonable, short, access for the purpose of securing trailers and other buildings will be permitted but the County would rather these actions be taken by park staff to the extent that they are available to do so and that an owner is not required to accomplish such.


4.    CTTA members are otherwise discouraged from travel to the County and law enforcement officers have been directed to start enforcement of travel and activity restrictions that are clearly contained in the notice posted on the County’s website as of the beginning of this week.


5.    The County will work to ensure that the park has a reasonable opportunity to take the necessary actions to obtain an occupancy certificate WHEN it has determined that it is permissible for campers to return.  They have had a conversation with the Ebbetts Pass Fire Chief and will be meeting with him this week to discuss our situation and that of others in the County.  They will also meet with Cal Fire as necessary. (We hope to get an update on these meetings later this week or early next)



Calaveras Timber Trails Association

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