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Summary of Executive Board Meeting held April 18, 2020

Due to the current situation, the Board feels it is necessary to communicate on a weekly basis via Zoom to discuss critical issues and respond to questions or concerns posed from CTTA members.

Site Cleanup -

 At this time, we are assuming that the May 31st deadline will not be extended. At this time, CTTA will not be assessing fines for not cleaning sites by that deadline. We are developing a plan for site cleanups but are awaiting a decision from the County on travel restrictions, which we understand should be announced next week.

Dues and Late Fees -

 CTTA will be invoicing members for dues and late fees in a normal manner. We understand that some members are having financial difficulties, and individual members can contact the Board to discuss potential payment options.

Site Checks –

Members may request Frank to check their sites and report back on the condition of their sites. Please call the office at 209-795-2130 or send an email to:

Site Visits –

We cannot prevent members from having access to their sites. If you choose to come up to inspect your site or pick up items, please be aware that all facilities are closed, and staff is not performing pump-outs. We encourage members to keep the visit short.

Live-Ins –

We are working on removing live-ins from the park. It is a cumbersome and lengthy process